Structured Cabling Services to Keep Your Business Connected

Skynet provides a wide variety of data and fiber optic structured cabling services for our clients throughout Cincinnati, Columbus, and Atlanta.

Most commonly, we install turnkey Cat-6 (and Cat-5e) wiring networks for customers doing new office build outs, office renovations, or expansions.

In today’s world of open office spaces and exposed industrial ceilings, it is vital that you choose a cable wiring vendor with the experience and know-how to design and install a complete network no matter the office design.

structured cabling services cincinnati
structured cabling services cincinnati

Skynet Provides Low Voltage Structured Cabling & Wiring Solutions

It is critical that business leaders build a complete network infrastructure, and structured cabling is the backbone to your efficiency. Old or new, our team can wire your building for the 21st century.

Some of our wiring services include:

  • Voice & Data Wiring
  • Cat5e & Cat6 Wiring
  • Network Clean-Up
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Sound & Overhead Paging
  • Protection
  • Video Surveillance Wiring

Whether you are building a new location or just want to upgrade your existing offices, Skynet can design, deploy, and take care of your cabling systems to best help your growing business. Our team of engineers makes sure everything works well together.

Structured Cabling You Can Rely On

Current fire safety standards in almost all locations require that abandoned low voltage cable is to be removed from above ceiling and below floor office spaces. These standards have been around for a while but are beginning to be enforced more and more as the amount of abandoned low voltage cables continues to grow.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant tasked with removing this cable, the last thing you want is to hack out your neighbor’s feed cable, or even worse, a carrier feed cable for the building. Call in the professionals to remove the cable responsibly and avoid the headaches.

Your organization needs a structured cabling infrastructure that allows for flexible growth and digital connectivity. Our wiring design and installation solutions organize your cabling to improve productivity. You can rest assured that we get the job done right and never leave a mess behind.

structured cabling services cincinnati

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