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Are you on the hunt for an IT services provider? Or maybe you have a provider already but you're not happy with their service (like maybe they never call you back)?

Asking yourself a few simple questions will help streamline your search. This checklist will help you get started. 

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Simplify the search for IT support with help from our checklist.

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The world of IT is constantly changing. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to manage and maintain in-house systems, while staying up to date on backup & recovery needs, cybersecurity and needed additions and improvements to what is already in place. The added pressures often put significant strains on existing in-house IT staff. Managed services through Skynet Innovations gives you the power to focus your IT staff on core business while Skynet Innovations handles the computing workload.

This Managed IT Checklist from Skynet Innovations offers a roadmap for navigating your search for a new MSP. It’s easy to follow and brings clarity out of confusion. Why not download it now?

The Managed IT Checklist: What’s Included


Tell potential IT providers about your company’s short- and long-term goals.


List the statistics managed IT services providers will need to know, such as number of employees, computers and other IT devices.


Outline the effectiveness of your cyber security posture in terms of compliance, backup and disaster recovery.


Convey your needs in terms of response time to breaches or IT issues.

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