01.Why choose EDI?

Applying Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to a variety of enterprise work systems can provide significant benefits and enable more streamlined and efficient operations. With EDI, you may get a lot of benefits for your business.

02. Integration between all trading partners

The exchange of electronic documents is agreed between the sender and the recipient. This establishes a communication flow with common procedures and work models, clarifies commercial relationships, and enables operations based on known shared management models.

03. Cost reduction

Automating operations, reducing response times, reducing errors, reducing paper use… all these enhancements greatly improve the efficiency of management systems and significantly reduce costs.

04. Quick response

EDI documents are sent and received in seconds. Full or partial automation of related processes also means that documents can be registered with ERP, quantity or price verification, or cancellation of the appropriate amount can be done almost instantaneously.

05. Information accuracy

The information exchanged is based on standards known to the sender or recipient, ensuring correct interpretation regardless of nationality or department of activity. In addition, typical mistakes when entering data or interpreting unreadable faxes are reduced, avoiding document loss and errors when ordering telephones.

06. Operational automation

Printing commercial documents, processing them, sorting, inserting them into envelopes, flanking, sending, registering with ERP, etc. All of these tasks can be dramatically reduced or even disappear.

07. Team Optimization

With EDI technology, you can handle much more commercial operations with fewer people. The phasing out of tasks related to managing paper documents will allow these teams to perform more value-added tasks.

08. Process status visibility

Replacing paper with electronic documents makes monitoring easier. Integrate transactions such as order approvals, invoices, purchase order modifications, and pending payment status. In addition, if you send a document over a private network, you can keep track of the status of the message permanently. Such as receipt, processing, reading.

09. Improved service to end users

Implementation of EDI involves applying optimal workflow and response times. The possibility of receiving a pre-acknowledgment notice before delivery of the goods, for example, enables the need for resource planning, unloading or redirecting. It can also help adjust production and delivery plans, improving the final service customers receive.

10. Conclusion

Electronic Data Interchange holds many benefits that would ease you in your business. From a workplace point of view, this facility is best among international companies who have to transfer data all the time. That’s the reason we facilitate you with this in our website. From our site, you can buy Electronic Data Interchange packages that give you great benefit with modern technology and communication options.