I would like to take a moment to thank you and your team for the tremendous support over the past several weeks. Most of our interaction has been with Chip and he has been available as if we are his only customer. It's been wonderful to see how much has been accomplished and how the relationship has grown. Skynet has really delivered for Workhorse and I look forward to even more progress.

Workhorse Group, Inc. - WKHS

Paul GaitanChief Financial Officer

Bringing Skynet in to help us manage our IT needs is one of the best decisions we’ve made in years. Before he came in, we were forced to react to every IT issue as an emergency, which of course costs twice as much. He now has us set up to predict and manage most issues before they occur and he is able to respond to the few emergencies that do pop up from time to time. You never realize how limiting a bad IT person is until you find a great one, like Skynet, that can make all of your IT headaches a thing of the past.

A. EdringtonVice President at mac Paran Consulting Services, Inc.

If it were not for Skynet, I would have scrapped my entire network. They have spent the necessary hours to provide exceptional service and advice. They are a tremendous resource.

E. HattenbachCPA

Skynet Innovations provides excellent customer service in a timely manner, which allows us to keep our focus on clients.

K. FreiClinical Director at Applied Behavioral Services

We are a small business. We try to stay focused on serving our customers, and for that reason we outsource our IT management. We had a service provider for over twelve years who managed to patch our system repeatedly. It got to the point of needing space in our office for them because they were here so often.

We have retained Skynet Innovations for the past year. Our IT expense has been reduced by one third. The staff are very responsive. They take ownership for all IT issues so we don’t go through a finger-pointing exercise when issues arise. They include all typical services in their monthly fee and do not submit change orders. They are flexible and work with our operating schedule.

We have been very pleased with their services, and we would highly recommend them as viable IT outsourcing option.

Jim SchneibleGeneral Manager, Slice of Stainless

For 8 ½ years I worked with our IT guy on his terms. That means when he was finally awake or available, I might get some help! For so long our office became numb to the intermittent internet service, slow computers and poor service. We had created work arounds for the work arounds.

Well, along comes SKYNET!! Wow!!! I am impressed! Finally, a group of IT professionals who have catered to our needs. They have come in and improved our systems. They have delivered on their promises. Skynet has promptly responded to our EVERY need since day one. Skynet has a staff of friendly, hard working people who have worked with us on every details of our systems. The transition was seamless. It is absolutely fantastic that when I call their support line 24/7, a person answers my call. When I email the helpdesk…I receive a response within minutes.

To make things even better Skynet does not require a contract!! What?? No contract? NO CONTRACT! When you offer outstanding service as Skynet does, you’ll never want to cancel their service.

Respectfully Submitted,

The culture at Skynet is customer support. If you need IT support, I highly recommend this company. They will not let you down!!

Lisa A. SprongAdministrative Director