Advanced employee awareness training gives your team the knowledge to best defend themselves online.

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Employee Awareness Training Helps Protect Your Weakest Links

Employee Awareness Training, also known as Security Awareness Training, is the education on the threat landscape that companies provide their workforce. Training includes password protection, how to spot potential threats and other related protocols.

By providing employees with the knowledge and tools to identify and prevent breach-related incidents, companies are arming their employees with the best defense against a malicious attack.

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Employee Awareness Training: The Key to Success

Human error accounts for 99% of all data breaches, unfortunately making your workforce the biggest flaw in any security plan. Training is vital for employees who access databases, manipulate virtual assets, access financial information or any other meaningful information for the business to prevent any unauthorized activity.

While we can’t turn every employee into a professional system admin overnight, it is feasible, and necessary to empower your employees with the right knowledge. This way, they can develop a sense of security awareness and commitment to maintaining a well-protected environment. Turning your user base into a human firewall is one of the best protections to prevent breaches that may lead to catastrophic loss of revenue and reliability.

You may be wondering, what what exactly is a ‘human firewall’? Just like a firewall protecting your network, a human firewall will protect your business from phishing and other attacks, therefore, protecting sensitive data. With the proper training, your staff will gain the required insight to identify, prevent, and report any breaches or suspicious activity.

Various Training Methods

Every organization will have a particular type of training that’s more compatible with its culture. In most cases, a combination of the below will be the best way to go. Not to worry though, while there are many options there, Skynet can help you find the best style for your environment.

Classroom Training

In-person training in the classroom allows instructors to gauge employee engagement while applying the “human touch,” which is often missing in online training. It also allows participants to ask questions in real-time.

Online Training

Online training scales much better than in-person training, and it will be less disruptive to employee productivity, since learners can work through the content from any location at their own convenience. This also allows learners to work through the material at their own pace.

Visual Aids

Having visual aids like posters or infographics in the office serves as a constant reminder to remain vigilant. While it cannot be the only source of training, visual aids are proven to be an effective tool to keep security top of mind. 

Phishing Campaigns

Nothing captures a learner’s attention like the realization that they’ve fallen for any type of phishing attack. With trial campaigns, your team can source who is falling victim and will require further training.

Ready to elevate your employee awareness training?

Lack of training in one organization makes other organizations vulnerable. It’s a little like leaving your house door unlocked – with the keys to next door waiting inside. Get started today and prepare your team for the unexpected!

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