Advanced dark web monitoring services for Cincinnati businesses.

Dark Web surveillance, also known as cyber monitoring, is a fraud counteractive action product that monitors ID information on the Dark Web. Customers who sign up for our Dark Web Monitoring services (DWM) receive notifications whenever their personal or business information is discovered.

What exactly is the Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a concealed region of the Internet that is only accessible with anonymity browsers such as I2P, Freenet, and the most common, The Onion Router (TOR) bundle.

This nefarious side of the World Wide Web allows criminals to commit crimes such as theft of personal information without being detected. With our advanced protection services, we monitor the illicit use of your company’s data and alert you as soon as any suspicious activity has been detected.

dark web monitoring
dark web monitoring

Benefits of DWM Services

There are various benefits of making sure your data isn’t being distributed illegally online.

  • Web Crawlers & Tracking – Internet crawlers monitor P2P systems, sites, and chat rooms where stolen information is sold. If a crawler detects the use of your data, your company is immediately notified. We also track the suspected information and oversee hazard through logs and reports so you gain the latest insights on the current threat landscape.
  • Notifications, Alarms & Threat Alerts – You receive an email alarm and record for all the information you decide to monitor. If you are familiar with the information you receive in the alerts, no additional action would be required. However, if your information is being distributed illegally, we will provide an action plan to secure your information.
  • You’re in Control – You control what information Skynet keeps an eye on. The information you choose is identified directly within your surveillance account. Ensure your data is safe and secure against potential compromises.
  • Information Updates – If an email address or account password is found in an unauthorized location, you need to immediately change the information associated with those credentials across all accounts. This most certainly helps to protect your identity, bank accounts, and any other sensitive information from being accessed.

Above all, our DWM service proactively scans for threats associated with compromised credentials and stops data breaches before they can even occur. And, maybe most importantly, it prevents clients, employees, key executives, and prominent employees from being exploited on the Dark Web. 

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