Skynet offers a full range of cloud computing services & advanced infrastructure that businesses can depend on.

With the significant shift in the way businesses save, store, and access information, upgrading to cloud computing services is the right step for any growing Cincinnati business.

Whether you are interested in the public, private, or hybrid cloud, Skynet can build the right solution for your business. We do this by assessing your current IT infrastructure and identify areas of opportunity and vulnerabilities, while also aligning with your business goals.

cloud computing services cincinnati
cloud computing services

Benefits of Migrating to the Cloud

  • Availability – With cloud computing, systems and data can be available to anyone in your network with an Internet connection, and cloud computing is the perfect solution to the rise of remote work.
  • Scalability – Cloud services are ideal for growing businesses because cloud solutions are scalable, up or down, based on need.
  • Security Our cloud computing solutions are built with security at the forefront, so your vital systems are protected from loss or theft.
  • Data Protection – Our cloud solutions have built-in data backup and secure data storage, so you do not need to worry about lost data during a disaster.
  • Cost-Savings – Cloud tools are no longer only available only to enterprise level clients. Instead, businesses of any size have the affordable option to take advantage of everything the cloud has to offer.
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Microsoft Office 365

As we know, over the last five years the cloud has revolutionized the way everyone works with technology. For instance, instead of thinking that data is tied to a single location, the cloud has made it possible to access it all from anywhere, and of course, at any time.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s fastest growing product.

Enterprise level companies are quickly moving to the cloud, with Office 365 as the leading solution. Just some of the numerous benefits are include, but are not limited to:

  • 24/7 Access Anywhere, Even On The Go – Being in the cloud means instant access to your Office Suite, from any device, and from any location.
  • Built-In Security – Advanced security, plus compliance and security controls.
  • Always Ready To Work – 99.9% up-time, financially guaranteed.
  • Constant Innovation – Office 365 is constantly being improved. From features to security, Office 365 will bring your team the best cloud software on a daily basis.

Those are just to name a few. Above all, making the move to Office 365 can have a significant positive effect on your daily operations.

cloud computing services cincinnati
cloud computing services cincinnati
Microsoft Gold Partner

Microsoft Azure

Azure is Microsoft’s full collection of integrated cloud services. In other words, everything from analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web are all included.

Whether you have already migrated or are considering a move to Microsoft Azure, Skynet can help accelerate your goals.

Why do Enterprise businesses choose Azure?

  • Azure is an open and flexible platform.
  • More IT options, less complexity and cost.
  • Scale as you need, pay as you go.
  • Run your apps from anywhere.
  • High level of protection for your files.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our team of IT experts can offer you the experience and knowledge with Microsoft Azure, to take your business goals to the next level.

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